We are honored to present touchscreen panel - interactive solution, which allows to visualise real estate projects of any scale in an engaging manner for real estate buyers, using various types of touchscreens complexity.



Increasing number (75%) of home buyers tend to look for interactive visualisations of their future home during search and decision making process.


Interactive Touch Panels bring visualization to new level, where the whole future property project is at customers' fingertips.


The tool we provide allows to captivate a prospective home buyer just at sales office, giving opportunity to experience the property right at the spot and speed up the property purchase.
  • Interactive model of property

    Explore the whole development area, the building and surrounding, view from any angle, rotate and zoom as you wish, examine every corner of the project, take your time to get the feel of space.
  • Interactive Floor (level) plan with apartments

    Look closer at a detailed level plan, rotate and zoom to understand the placement of any apartment on the floor.
  • Walkthrough mode in apartment

    Get inside any apartment, walk freely inside of everyroom. Enjoy the views from the windows from this particular point of the building, during any particular time of the day.
  • Hotspots

    Get to the key locations, objects and amenities of the projects in a single click. Examine the location carefully.
  • Flythrough

    Flythrough mode for a hands-free presentation of the project. Relax and let us guide you through the most beautiful spots on development area.
  • VIDEO and GALLERY Integration

    Make your media materials like HD photos or videos work in the panel in separate built-in modules.
  • Interactive map

    Learn about the location of development on the city map, discover the surrounding infrastructure and get to know more about any object in the area.

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