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We Prefer No Wearables - Obstacles before 3D and VR.

We Prefer No Wearables - Obstacles before 3D and VR.

An announcement has been recently made by big format movie giant IMAX about wrapping up the 3D movies and plans to play more in 2D format. This announcement was made after the disappointing report about the decrease in earnings in the second-quarter. Speaking about the WWII epic Dunkirk, which had a very successful opeining weekend, Greg Foster, the IMAX CEO, mentioned that customers have shown "a strong preference" for the former format of movies. 


“We’re looking forward to playing fewer 3D versions of films and more 2D versions,” he said, adding that the upcoming sci-fi blockbuster Blade Runner 2049 will not be shown in 3D at all.


We are not saying that 3D movies are about to die off completely, but taking that IMAX is publicly hammering their own technology, its future looks dark - just as dark as movies viewed through 3D glasses.


The darker picture is just one of reasons why cinema-goers show that "strong preference" for the former movie format. The report by Motion Picture Association of America, for instance, shows an 8 per cent drop in 3D movie attendance previous year.


Another issue is the cost. Cinemas charge extra for 3D, even though most movies are not improved by 3D at all and only few actually benefit of technology. And taking that some of the movies are not played in 2D and the only option available is 3D - the more expensive one, the true movie buffs may really be offended.


But the main and most important reason why people choose 2D is that they prefer not to wear 3D glasses.


So do they really hate to wear glasses so much? Think of it this way. Many people who actually have to wear glasses - just in order to make proper use of the most important of our senses, bend over backwards to avoid wearing them.


We even train ourselves to wear small plastic discs in our eyes - so much we hate glasses. If you haven't tried to wear contact lenses, be sure that it is one of most preternatural things a man can learn to do. Some people even voluntarily allow doctors to shoot lasers into their eyes. If people liked to wear glasses and found that enjoyable, there would be no such industry as eye laser surgery. 


Speaking of situation with 3D movies, there is actually an important lesson, tying into some bigger technology trends that we all know about. It is that wearables in general, not just glasses, but all things thay people are meant to wear on their bodies, like headsets or various wrist-worn gadgets, are having a shady future. Actually wearables are running the pale horse. Virtual reality, in the mean time, is also struggling to catch on, and still without big success. 


Because just like 3D glasses, the VR trend is stuck in the same morass – people simply do not find wearing extra things on their bodies enjoyable, unless they absolutely have to. It appears that all the perks and benefits provided are still not great enough to overcome the obvious downsides of these devices. Such products, unless they in some way manage to defy the rather big odds, are destined to fail.


We have no doubt though, that VR and AR alike are perspective and immersive technologies with future promise, but it is a fact now that both have a very similar barrier on its long way: when customers have choice between putting and not putting stuff on their faces, they all show “a strong preference” not to do so.

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