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  • Waterina Apartment in Unreal Engine - Walkthrough mode.

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Waterina Apartment in Unreal Engine - Walkthrough mode.

Waterina Apartment in Unreal Engine - Walkthrough mode.

Technology has greatly affected the way real estate developers and agents sell property today. Virtual tours, 360 degree photos and videos, interactive walkthroughs are becoming a normal practice in property sales, and even a must have. One great sales tool, which allows to view and interactively explore an apartment is a 3D archviz walkthrough. This is a tool which allows to explore and observe the property virtually, on a computer, touchscreen, smartphone or a tablet. 


Even though most homebuyers would still prefer to visit apartment physically and see everything with their eyes for real, 3D walkthroughs provide obvious advantages. Customer can have a tour in a desired apartment even if it is hundred miles away. And for off-plan properties, this is the only possible way to explore the future apartment. In terms of visual experience, the apartment, modelled and rendered carefully with gaming engine such as Unreal 4, would look exactly the same as the person would see it for real when it is built. You can easily check that in the video above, which features the walkthrough we made for one of our customers - this is duplex apartment in one of residentials in Saigon.



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