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  • ISC on Touchscreen in action. Demo in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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ISC on Touchscreen in action. Demo in Hanoi, Vietnam.

ISC on Touchscreen in action. Demo in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Big touchscreen with interactive presentation is a must have instrument for a sales event, for any exhibition or product demonstration. It is captivating and engaging and it is extremely easy to present when you have such a tool. Our customers use really large touchscreens to present real estate projects using our interactive sales centre or simply "ISC" which can be launched on any touch screen device - from smartphone to huge 80" display. 


Not only ISC contains the complete pack of sales materials the developer has to show, which is also advantage as there is no need to bring tons of paper, brochures or paper models, but it also lets the sales manager to show the interactive 3D model of the project. Customers can rotate the model as they wish, scale it, carefully observe it from any angle. And not just the exterior but they can also get inside, see all storeys in cross section, get into any apartment and walk inside. 


For the sales manager, on the other hand, the touchscreen is the best tool which helps to make a powerful demonstration effortlessly. As the customers get engaged quickly and can use the screen on their own, the presenter can simply follow up and pitch, see what customers pay more attention to, notice the floors and apartments which they choose and provide corresponding suggestions.


See the touch screen with the installed ISC in action on the video above.



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