The most efficient tool for selling off-plan properties!

Our interactive touch screen solution for property developers combines all sales materials:
renders, videos, floor plans into one efficient sales solution, which can be used either on touchscreens in sales offices or given to brokers to use on tablets while meeting customers.
When selling off-plan properties print materials, static renders, booklets are not efficient anymore. Customers want to engage with the project, explore it, find out what is it they are actually buying. Provide us with the architectural plans of your project and we will develop a software, which will allow property buyers to fully explore the project.

They will be able to look at it from any side, explore the surroundings, location, infrastructure, browse through all pictures, videos etc. If they like the project they can look at all floorplans, walk into a virtual model of the apartments they are considering, get a feel for their size, layout and even the view they'll have out of the windows. All that - to create an emotional bond with the project and drive sales results!

Where can you use this solution?

Any big screen television in your sales office can be turned into a touch screen giving your sales team an opportunity to have an impressive demonstration and have customers interact with the project. Higher engagement leads to better sales results!
With our solution there is no need for the field agents and brokers to bring the customer to the sales office anymore. Using their tablets they can make a full demonstration of the project anywhere in the world! Even if the buyer is in a foreign country!

Product features

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